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Sep 23 (LTIT) –According to the latest USGS data on the United States alumina imports in Q2 2020, the volume grew quarter-on-quarter from 357,000 tonnes to 361,000 tonnes, up by 1.12 per cent. But on a year-on-year basis, the imports dropped by nearly 1 per cent from 364,000 tonnes. US alumina imports grow Q-o-Q by 1.12% in Q2 2020, exports decline by 6.75% In the entire first half of 2020, the United States alumina imports totalled 718,000 tonnes, down by 27.25 per cent from 987,000 tonnes during the same period last year. Brazil continued to be the leading exporter to the US, supplying 197,000 tonnes of alumina in Q2 2020. In the first quarter of the year, Brazil supplied 233,000 tonnes of alumina to be the US, meaning the imports decreased quarter-on-quarter by 15.45 per cent in Q2. Over the year, Brazil’s alumina exports to the US dropped as well by 15.81 per cent from 234,000 tonnes. The net amount Brazil exported to the US in the first half of 2020 came in at 430,000 tonnes, down by 18.87 per cent from 530,000 tonnes in H1 2019. Global Aluminium Expo 2020 Jamaica emerged as the second leading alumina exporter to the US in Q2 2020, unlike Australia in Q1. Jamaica’s exports to the US increased from 33,800 tonnes in Q1 to 71,000 tonnes in Q2. The total export amount in H1 stood at 105,000 tonnes, down by 9.48 per cent from 116,000 tonnes in H1 2019. The United States alumina exports in Q2 stood at 35,900 tonnes, down by 6.75 per cent from 38,500 tonnes quarter-on-quarter and 12 per cent from 40,800 tonnes year-on-year.

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