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Alumina price in China edges higher by RMB15/t; A00 aluminium price stands at RMB14170/t

July 1(LTIT) –As updated by Shanghai Metals Market, average spot alumina price in China has increased to RMB 2276 per tonne on June 30, after remaining flat at RMB 2261 since June 18. This marks an increase of RMB 15 per tonne.


The prices of alumina in East, Central, and North China markets have risen by RMB 25 per tonne, RMB 20 per tonne and RMB 15 per tonne to stand at RMB 2250 per tonne, RMB 2280 per tonne, and RMB 2280 per tonne. Alumina-South remains unchanged at RMB 2520 per tonne.


A00 aluminium ingot price on Tuesday, 30 June 2020 has extended rise by RMB 80 per tonne to stand at RMB 14170 per tonne. This marks the second consecutive increase in aluminium ingot prices. The price is expected to move within a range of RMB 14150 per tonne-14190 per tonne.


Aluminium prices in Foshan, Wuxi, and Hangzhou stand at RMB 14230 per tonne, RMB 14170 per tonne and RMB 14180 per tonne, up RMB 60 per tonne, RMB 70 per tonne and RMB 55 per tonne. The prices in Chongqing, Shenyang, Tianjin, Linyi, and Gongyi have increased to stand at RMB 14130 per tonne, RMB 14115 per tonne, RMB 14150 per tonne, RMB 14160 per tonne and RMB 14075 per tonne.


The price of Aluminium Alloy (A356) has increased RMB100 per tonne to range at RMB14800-14900 per tonne as on June 30. Aluminium Alloy (A356) price stands at RMB14850 per tonne. Aluminium Alloy (ZLD102) and Aluminium Alloy (ZLD104) have climbed RMB150 per tonne, each to RMB14750 per tonne each.

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